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by Glory Days

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Recorded in October 2017/February 2018 at Mustache Ministry Studio, engineered by Marcin Klimczak, mixed and mastered by Marcin Czajka

Glory Days on this recording:
Hubert - vocals
Piotr - vocals, guitars, bass
Arek - drums


released February 22, 2018




Glory Days Warsaw, Poland

Three-piece Oi!/Street Punk based in Warsaw

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Track Name: Don't Let Go
You relied on promises
But faith was lost
Every day and every night
Thinking what went wrong

When you're feeling alone
Forget your faults remember your fights
When you're feeling destroyed
Don't let you goals get out of your sight

Growing old is growing cold
You think you've seen it all
But hard rain never gonna come
You've gotta wash it yourself
Track Name: Leeches
Shitload of lies
Shitload of useless crap
Setting up smokescreen
Hiding what goes behind
Mockery of ethos
Boot-licking those who pay
Ready-prepped news
Laughing straight in your face

What you say is a fucking joke
Get no respect from us
You say it's a civic duty
We say you live a lie

You're telling lies
Saying bullshit in my eyes
Do what you're told to
Nothing for you to decide
Take breath one more time
Another day, another lie
Do what you're told to
Nothing for you to decide

Another time I see you again
I won't lie I don't hate you
You're just pawn in the game
Another time I hear you say it
I won't lie, you mean shit to me

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